Handmade Hand of Fatima Barefoot Sandals

Our beautiful handmade Hand of Fatima barefoot sandals, designed & crafted by us in the U.S.! The lore goes they protect you from the evil eye & shelter you from harm. Hand made using orange natural hemp string, silver Tibetan aztec charms, silver Hand of Fatima charms, blue glass seed beads, & glass Czech beads. These barefoot sandals are a fun way to decorate your feet! Pair these with one of our handmade anklets & you've got a lovely set of foot jewelry! Great for things like yoga, bellydancing or just hanging out. Shoes are optional. Comes with 2 pieces, or 1 pair.

The manual tie in the back makes these one size fits all, but please mention your foot size if you have very small or very large feet.

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